PRESS RELEASE: One year since the launch of Internal Dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija

Release date: 24.07.2018.
Logo_Inter_02.jpg Today, one year has passed since the launch of the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija, aimed at involving all relevant social actors in a public debate on possible solutions for the Kosovo issue. The Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union for Chapter 35 accepted a call for participation in the Internal Dialogue and organised a meeting with the President of the Republic, presenting common positions on the principles for resolving the Kosovo issue, as well as individual positions of the members of the National Convention on the European Union.

We remind the public that our common views mean that the priority in the process of resolving the Kosovo issue is the preservation of peace and security in the region; that the proposal of a comprehensive solution for the normalization of relations will enable Serbia's undisturbed path towards EU membership, and that the solution should be a compromise, realistic and sustainable. We also asked to continue with the Internal Dialogue in a form that enables an open and constructive dialogue between representatives of the government, the opposition, civil society organizations and other stakeholders, as this is the only way to achieve social consensus, ensure implementation and sustainability of the proposed solution. The text of the joint views of the members of the Working Group is available here.

Bearing in mind that there is no information on the results of the Internal Dialogue, we invite representatives of the authorities, primarily the President and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to inform the public about the following issues:

•    Is the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija still ongoing, or the process is finished?
•    When will the analytical report arising from public discussions that were conducted within the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija be available to the public?

Normalization of relations with Pristina is an important condition for European integration of Serbia. Therefore, the Working Group for Chapter 35 once again invites the President of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Serbia to continue with the public dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija and to make it as transparent as possible, with the aim of finding a solution that would create the conditions for permanent peace in the region and undisturbed path of Serbia towards European integration.