• Logo_Inter_02.jpgDate start 16.01.2018.

    Press Release: InTER strongly condemns the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

    InTER strongly condemns the brutal murder of Oliver Ivanovic, a politician from North Kosovo and the leader of the civic initiative “Srbija, demokratija, pravda” (“Serbia, democracy, justice”). Shooting at Oliver means shooting at democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law that has long been awaited in North Kosovo. Oliver Ivanovic wil...

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  • 26102853_10214872746761009_1255319530_n.jpgDate start 27.12.2017.

    Round table in Mitrovica North: Economic situation in North Kosovo

    What are all the prerequisites for a better business environment? What is the role of donors in the economic development of North Kosovo? How do competent institutions participate in solving the problems that businesses from the north face? These and many other issues of importance for business in the north were discussed today on the round tabl...

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  • ZP.jpgDate start 01.12.2017.

    A round table "Economic situation in North Kosovo" organised in Zubin Potok

    In the Municipality of Zubin Potok, a round table was organised on the economic situation in municipalities in North Kosovo after the Brussels agreement, with a special focus on the situation in the municipality of Zubin Potok. Participants agreed that there was noticeable increase in the number of registered companies in the legal system of Kos...

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  • 24259334_10214645008427693_1305287550_o.jpgDate start 01.12.2017.

    Round table "Economic situation in North Kosovo" in Zvecan

    What is the economic situation in the municipality of Zvecan and in North Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement, which sectors are the most developed, where is the largest number of employees and what are the problems of businesses in everyday activities, these are some of the topics discussed at a round table organised in the municipality of Zvec...

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