• RG_NKEU_za_Poglavlje_35.jpgDate start 04.07.2018.

    Meeting of the NCEU Working Group for Chapter 35

    On Monday, July 2018, the Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union for Chapter 35: Other issues - Kosovo organised a regular meeting in Kosovska Mitrovica.

    They discussed further steps of the Working Group regarding the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, and the for specific topics was focused on the Agree...

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  • Slobodno_srpski.jpgDate start 03.07.2018.

    Dragiša Mijačić in the talk show "Slobodno srpski"

    Dragiša Mijačić, the Coordinator of the Serbian National Convention on the EU for Chapter 35 which mostly deals with normalisation of relations with Pristina was a guest in the 331st talk show "Slobodno srpski".

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  • 1.jpgDate start 22.05.2018.

    The Western Balkan Network on Territorial Governance

    On 17th and 18th of May,  InTER participated in a two day workshop on initiating a Western Balkans Territorial Governance Network, aimed to undertake research and policy advocacy across the region, to enhance the domestic territorial governance and impact the EU integration of the WB countries from a territorial governance perspective. On this o...

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  • Dragisa_Mijacic.jpgDate start 04.04.2018.

    Dragisa Mijacic: Changing strategy in the solution to the Kosovo issue: Standards before the Agreement

    The next year marks twenty years since the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. You get tired simply by counting to twenty, and let alone living twenty years in the uncertainty of the Serbs in Kosovo all these years.

    All these years, Serbia has not come out with a single plan for resolving the...

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