• IMG_20191129_115252147.jpgDate start 04.12.2019.

    A three-day workshop organised for representatives of the Municipality of Bac

    A three-day workshop was organised for representatives of the Municipality of Bac on legislation and financial analysis for public-private partnership projects. The workshop was implemented as part of the project "Support to Serbian Municipalities on the Road to EU Accession: Improving the Quality of Services, Stakeholder Dialogue and Local Gove...

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  • viber_image_2019_12_04_12_42_36.jpgDate start 04.12.2019.

    New Workshops Organised within the project "Empowering Banat through Realistic Demand"

    On 3 and 4 December 2019, InTER organised a workshop in Timisoara, presenting the preliminary findings of a survey on the labor market situation in Serbian and Romanian parts of Banat. A questionnaire has also been developed for employers to determine the situation on labor market needs. The questionnaire was modified at the workshop in Timisoar...

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  • Nase_price.jpgDate start 02.12.2019.

    “Our Stories” published

    The portal “Crno beli svet” and InTER have published eleven investigative stories, written by journalists and researchers reporting in Serbian language in Kosovo. The stories were produced as part of a training program for the development of investigative journalism with the support of a mentor. The topics were diverse - from the return of Serbs...

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  • InTER_CBS_06.jpgDate start 29.11.2019.

    Research stories from Kosovo

    Watch the documentary "Our stories" where the investigative journalism trainees in Kosovo present their research article.

    As a part of this program, Jovana Jakovljević, InTER’s researcher wrote an article “Kosovo Customs Fees – between Economic and Political Interests”.

    The video was created as part of the "Development of Investigative Journ...

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