• Sume_na_Kosovu_bogatstvo_koje_nestaje.jpgDate start 13.12.2016.

    Forests in Kosovo - a Dissappearing Resource

    Forests are one of the most important economic resources in Kosovo, and their protection is very important for sustainable development of rural environments. On the other hand, the problem of logging is a systematic problem since only 7% of forests are cut in accordance with the law. Within the project “Policy Dialogue for Environmental Protecti...

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  • Konferencija_Rmsko_preduzetnistvo_03.jpgDate start 08.12.2016.

    Conference “Roma Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Perspectives”

    The conference “Roma Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Perspectives” will be organized on 15 December 2016 in Belgrade, Hotel Zira at 10h. The conference is organized by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) and Yurom Centre, in partnership with the German – Serbian Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ (Deutsche Gesells...

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  • 15319147_996462970499876_6272923471363260714_n.jpgDate start 07.12.2016.

    The study "Do we live better?" presented in Pristina

    Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) presented the study "Do we live better?", which is a result of the research conducted within the project "Impact of investments in the North Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement – do we live better?". The project was implemented in cooperation with RTV MIR from Leposavic, and funded by the Ko...

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  • Da_li_zivimo_bolje.jpgDate start 02.12.2016.

    Presentation of the study "Do we live better?"

    Institute for Territorial Economic development (InTER) and RTV MIR organize a presentation of the policy paper "Do we live better?", which analyze effects of the financial assistance to the North Kosovo municipalities after the Brussels Agreement. The study was financed by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS).

    The presentation will be he...

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