• Pec_Forum2.jpgDate start 11.03.2019.

    Forum for active tourism development organised in Pec

    The second meeting of the Forum for the Development of Active Tourism was organised within the project "Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail" on February 25, 2019 in Pec. All five municipalities participating in the project (Pec, Istok, Rozaje, Tutin and Zubin Potok) had their representatives from different structur...

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  • PR_Press_konf.jpgDate start 11.03.2019.

    "Mokra Gora – Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail” presented in Pristina

    A press conference was organised on February 26, 2019 at the Euro Info Centre in Pristina within the Project "Mokra Gora – Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail”. Objectives and expected results of the Project  were presented to the media, and the speakers included Dragisa Mijacic, InTER's Director, Lumturije Geci, a representative from t...

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  • ZP_prezentacija_projekta.jpgDate start 11.03.2019.

    "Mokra Gora – Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail” in Zubin Potok

    Project objectives and expected results were presented in the municipality of Zubin Potok on Thursday, 28 February, 2019. The presentation gathered the representatives of the Municipality, cultural and sports centres, private sector, and other interested parties. Apart from the presentation the event included a discussion on taking over some ini...

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  • BiltenRG35_br_4.jpgDate start 07.03.2019.

    Issue 10 of the Newsletter of the NCEU Working Group for Chapter 35

    Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union for Chapter 35 publishes a newsletter for issues relevant to Chapter 35 and negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina.

    The tenth issue presents the Humanitarian Law Center, with the article written by Predrag Miletic: Prosecuting war crimes and finding missing persons - crucial for ...

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