5th Forum of the project “Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on Via Dinarica Trail”

Release date: 07.06.2019.
2019_07_08_02_13_33.jpg The fifth and also the last meeting of the Forum for the Development of Active Tourism within the project “Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on Via Dinarica Trail” was organized in Zubin Potok on Friday, 7 June 2019. The Forum was attended by around 30 representatives of municipalities, tourist organisations, businesses, hiking and sports clubs, media, international organisations, as well as NGOs from all five municipalities participating in the project: Rozaje, Pec, Istok, Zubin Potok and Tutin.

At the opening of the Forum, the audience was addressed by Dragisa Mijacic, director of InTER, who was speaking about the project results and what was achieved within this initiative. Special focus was on presenting Tourist Map which was designed as a result of joint work of forum participants and the project team. Tourist map illustrate new part of Via Dinarica Trail, which includes Mokra Gora Mt., and contains information about main tourist attractions, available outdoor activities, hiking trails, accommodation, historical and religious monuments in five municipalities: Rozaje, Pec/Peje, Istok/Istog, Zubin Potok and Tutin. After the presentation, participants discussed presented Tourist Map contents and provided positive feedback only. 

In the second part of the meeting, Mr Mijacic welcomed all team members and partners in this project and expressed gratitude for their unselfish support during the project implementation. Besides the project team memebers, he expressed also gratitude to all participants who attended Forums and contributed the realization of project activities in any way. In that regard, certificates of appreciation were designed and handed to participants and others who contributed the project realization as well.

The last Forum meeting was organized within the project “Mokra Gora Mountain – Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail”, financed by a grant awarded within the Tourism Development and Promotion Project financed by the European Union and implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council.

The Project was implemented by InTER, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tutin, Regional Development Agency SEDA from Novi Pazar, NGO “Marimangat” from Pec and Mountaineering Club “Ahmica” from Rozaje. This initiative started in early November 2018 and finished with this activity.


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