Preparing a Cross-Border Development Concept: Foča - Plužine

Date start: 01.05.2010.
The GTZ Open Regional Fund in Montenegro contracted InTER to provide technical assistance in developing a cross-border development concept for two bordering municipalities: Foča in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Plužine in Montenegro. The aim of the cross-border development concept was to define possibilities for enhanced economic cooperation through the frame of improving effective protection of natural resources. It included an analysis of the institutional and structural requirements required to establish the conditions for proper management, coordination and cooperation on the basis of existing cross-border potential and limitations and following a sustainable development approach. The outcome of the project was the Concept for Cross-Border Cooperation, which was adopted by the local assemblies of the two municipalities as a development document. The period of InTER’s engagement lasted from May 2010 to March 2011.