Capacity building for assessment of grant applications for EU IPA CBC BiH-SERBIA Programme

Project start: 05.2013. - Project end: 06.2013. FinishedProject
InTER has been invited Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide a training module on assessment of grant applications received within the EU IPA CBC BiH-SERBIA Programme. The objective of the training module is to introduce participants to methodology of assessment of project proposals according to PRAG and specificity of cross-border programmes. Furthermore, output of training will be draft version of Guidelines for assessors (as a template from PRAG 2013) that would be provided to assessors on the beginning of their engagement for the needs of evaluation of project proposals from 3rd CfP. The assignment consists of designing and delivering three day workshop as described above. The target group consists of maximum 31 participants: members of two Operating Structures (8), members of JTS/Antenna (5) and maximum 18 members of JMC. The assignment will be carried in late May and early June of 2013.