Analysis of European Commission's Progress Reports in issues relevant for territorial development

Date start: 10.12.2015.
Analiza_izvestaja_EK.jpg European Commission’s Progress Reports for European integration of Western Balkans countries and Turkey are among the most important analytical documents providing an assessment of success and directions for the necessary reform process every year. Progress Reports are also important in the legislation reform process, development policy or programming of financial aid provided by the European Union within IPA Program. Institute for Territorial Economic Development has prepared a comparative analysis of Progress Reports of Western Balkans countries (without Turkey), with regard to topics relevant for territorial development as the main activity field of our organisation. With that regard we analysed parts of the Report related to the fulfillment of political and economic criteria, and we also tackled the chapters dealing with issues of special importance for territorial development: 8. Competition policy, 11. Agriculture and rural development, 20. Enterprise and industrial policy and 22. Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments.