Kosovo Serbs in the context of demarcation

Date start: 20.09.2019.
Publikacija_1_front_03.jpg The authors of the analysis "Kosovo Serbs in the context of demarcation" are the Center for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives and the New Social Initiative. The analysis was conducted in order to understand the demarcation policy and its impact on the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), as well as to give recommendations in case it happens. Some of the recommendations from the analysis are that it is necessary to enable the preservation of the current scope of the rights of non-majority communities in order to ensure their survival, to ensure the preservation of provisions concerning the functioning of the majority Serb municipalities and the establishment of the Association of majority Serb municipalities in accordance with the laws of Kosovo. The authors also consider that it is important to have the Serbian community participate in the central institutions of Kosovo, to have a transparent financing of the Serbian community by Belgrade, as well as to have the international security forces stay in Kosovo for at least five years from the signing of the Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. The analysis is a part of the project "National Convention on the European Union (NKEU) 2018/2019" implemented by the National Convention on the EU in cooperation with the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (INTER). The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation Serbia.