• Date start 10.02.2017.

    Improving the production and sales channels in beekeeping

    InTER was hired by the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor to conduct an analysis of economic effects of the intervention “Improving the production and sales channels in beekeeping” on the beekeeping sector in Serbia. The project is implemented by RDA Zlatibor, and it is financed by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Development Agency.

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  • Date start 03.09.2015.

    Research on Business Support Infrastructure

    InTER is conducting a research about business support infrastructure which includes mapping of business incubators, science and technology parks and hubs, and their analysis. The findings are expected to contribute significantly to a detailed development of this type of support for entrepreneurship. The research is supported by the National Agency for Regional Development, and the results will be presented on the Incubator Days in November 2015.

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  • Date start 01.04.2015.

    Model for a Smart Municipal Services Reporting System for the citizens: System sustainability possibilities

    InTER was contracted by NALED for the analysis aimed at identification way to ensure financial sustainability of the Smart Municipal Services Reporting System for the citizens.

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  • Date start 25.03.2014.

    Donor interventions and local economic development in Serbia

    The goal of this research is to analyse the impact of donor, geographically concentrated, development assistance on local economic development. In that regard, the research will conduct a comparative analysis of the sample of local self-government units which have been receiving a long-term geographically concentrated donor assistance and those that did not have such an opportunity, by controlling other most important factors. The main Dependent Variable (DV) of this research is local economic development, and the main Independent Variable (IV): geographically concentrated donor development assistance for local self-governments.

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