Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Research of the Serbian ICT Industry and Market

Date start: 01.01.2010.
InTER was engaged by the GTZ WBF programme to provide technical assistance in the assessment of the Serbian ICT industry and market in 2010. The assignment primarily focused on five complementary objectives: (1) Connection and completion of the pre-existing 2009 ICT Directory and its implementation as an online database; (2) Research and understanding of baseline documents available on the ICT industry and market; (3) Stakeholder analysis; (4) ICT Sector Study 2010; (5) SWOT Analysis; and (6) Recommendations. The completion of the assigned tasks and deliverables provided an overview of the ICT industry and market in Serbia and an understanding of the key players, trends and status quo, which were translated into concrete recommendations for further steps to be implemented by GTZ/WBF and its partners in the ICT sector. The main output of the project was the study “ICT in Serbia at a Glance”, which was published by the GIZ ACCESS Programme in January 2011.