Impacts of refugee flows to territorial development in Europe

Project start: 01.2018. - Project end: 07.2018. ActiveProject
Logo_Inter_02.jpg Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) is implementing the research "Impacts of refugee flows to territorial development in Europe", as a member of consortium led by VVA group. Project duration is 18 months, from January 2018 to July 2019, and it is funded by the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme.

This research aims at providing a systematised and reliable evidence of the current trends and territorial impacts of refugees and asylum seekers and of the possible impacts of future EU policy options in this area. In addition, this research will provide relevant policy information on crisis management and integration which are needed by policy makers, civic society and NGOs across Europe.

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MIGRARE - Impacts of Refugee Flows to Territorial Development in Europe