Meeting with the Regional Cooperation Council

Release date: 18.03.2019.
54799432_1648549898624510_4588670826286415872_n.jpg On Friday, 15 March 2019, a meeting was organised at InTER's premises in Zubin Potok with representatives of the Regional Cooperation Council - RCC, where the achieved results and further activities on the project "Mokra Gora Mt. - Undescovered Pearl of Via Dinarica Trail" were discussed.

This project tries to establish cooperation between municipalities that surrounds Mokra Gora Mt: Rozaje, Tutin, Zubin Potok, Istog/k and Peja/Pec in order to create unique tourist destination with attractive active tourism products.

The project lasts until the beginning of June 2019, it is financed by a grant awarded within the Tourism Development and Promotion Project financed by the European Union and implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council.


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